champion polo loaf


480g bread flour
95g castor sugar
5g salt
5g yeast
2 eggs
190g ice water
25g whipping/cooking cream
50g unsalted butter

loaf bread skin

39g unsalted butter
34g icing sugar
25g egg (beaten)
7g milk powder
65g bread flour

  1. add all the ingredients except butter & beat until the mixture is elastic
  2. add butter and continue to beat until texture is smooth & elastic (window pane-like)
  3. put the dough in a mixing bowl & leave it to rest for 45min
  4. the dough should double in size, flour the work bench surface lightly
  5. divide the dough into 4 pieces, each dough should be about 230g each
  6. shape dough into balls & leave on work bench to rest for 10 min
  7. separately prepare the polo skin (instructions below*)
  8. wrap each thin sheet of polo skin on top of the dough ball
  1. place 2 dough balls into each baking tin to proof for 40-60min – this recipe should have enough for 2 loaf tins
  2. dough balls should have expanded & doubled in size, brush the top of the loaf with egg wash
  3. place the loaf tins in the oven at 185degrees for about 35min (or till top is brown)
*polo skin instructions
  1. beat butter & icing sugar until fully incorporated
  2. mix in the egg and continue to beat
  3. add in dry ingredients & fold until batter is smooth
  4. divide the dough into 4 – it should be about 50g each
  5. roll into ball & flatten using rolling pin