granola bar


250g rolled oats
250g mixed nuts
20g unsalted butter
120g pure honey
30g condensed milk
30g chocolate chips/cranberries

  1. pan fry oats over small heat (until lightly fragrant)
  2. add nuts into the pan together with oats and cook likely over small heat (until lightly cooked)
  3. separately, melt butter in a small pot over small fire
  4. add honey into the mixture and stir until well mixed
  5. (still stirring) add condensed milk into the mixture, continue to stir until mixture is foamy
  6. take the mixture off the heat, turn off fire
  7. add in nuts & rolled oats, chocolate chips/cranberries into mixture
  8. turn on a small fire again & mix everything together until evenly mixed & liquid is fully absorbed
  9. turn off the fire and pour the mixture into a flat baking tray
  10. use presser/spoon to evenly lay mixture on tray – to desired thickness
  11. [optional step] for longer shelf life – bake at 150 degrees celcius for 5-10 minutes
  12. let mixture cool totally & cut with a clean, sharp knife
  13. pack & enjoy!