lemon butter cake


140g cake flour
140g butter
25g lemon juice
5g honey
1 lemon zest
200g eggs
110g caster sugar

icing garnish

200g lemon juice
90g icing sugar
1 lemon zest

*melt the icing sugar with the lemon juice over a pan

  1. preheat oven to 175 degrees celcius
  2. boil the butter & lemon juice over low heat till butter melts
  3. add in cake flour, stir well until mixture is evenly mixed
  4. add in honey and lemon zest, set the mixture (batter)aside
  5. separately, beat the eggs & caster sugar till creamy & fluffy
  6. add in mixture (batter that has been set aside) & fold till mixed well
  7. pour into a 6” round tin and bake at 175 degrees celcius for about 40-45 minutes
  8. when done, garnish with icing sugar mixture and lemon zest.