southern biscuits


2.5 cups of white lily flour
1 cup buttermilk
1/2 stick of butter (125g)
2 teaspoon salt

before starting, put everything in the freezer:
– grater (for butter)
– cookie cutter
– mixing bowl
– spatula
– mat (if you have one)
– rolling pin
– butter

  1. grate the butter into strips/pea size in mixing bowl, try not to melt it 
  2. incorporate butter into flour without melting it (as much as possible) 
  3. use hands/spatula to break it up, the mixture should be like powder 
  4. make a well & pour in the buttermilk, stir lightly a few times 
  5. dust the mat/work bench with flour, pour mixture onto mat/work bench 
  6. roll out into a flat piece & fold it (like croissant) – roll, fold & press 
  7. continuously roll out & press – more layers, if mixture is still sticky, flour it every time before folding 
  8. flour the cookie cutter & cut the dough
  9. place pieces in the pan, touching each other lightly side by side 

*sside, heat some butter in pan 

  1. glaze the top of every piece lightly with butter, do not put so much butter that it drips on the side (if the side has butter it will not rise) 
  2. bake at 235C (450F) for 10 minutes or until top is light brown 
  3. after taking out of oven, put on rack & brush the biscuit with butter
other references/substitutes

300g/2.5 cups of white lily flour substitute (mixture of): 
farina 00 tipo flour
175g cake flour 125g
9g baking powder
1.5g baking soda 
substitute with 300g/2.5cups of self rising flour (not as great but will still work)

making buttermilk (if not possible to buy outside): 
1 cup of milk  1 tablespoon of lemon juice  Let sit in room temperature for 10-15 minutes, the milk should have thickened
stir & put in fridge 
*buttermilk is basically thickened milk